Aim Small. Miss Small.

Somewhere along the road I developed the habit of throwing away most things that come in my path when I’m organizing. Instead of finding nice boxes to put a bunch of crap in and using my cool battery operated label maker to stick a sexy looking label on it I just throw things away. The whole time I’m sorting through things I’m saying,“Trash…. Craigslist… Donate” and stuffing trash bags faster than the cleanup crew at on outdoor music festival.

It finally dawned on me that the reason I end up having to do all this work to begin with is that I keep the stuff around in the first place.viagra online Duh right? (All my intelligence gets in the way of my brain function sometimes) I thought that I needed to keep every mortgage statement in a “Mortgage” folder and every electric bill in an “Electric” folder so I can thoroughly feel like I’m efficient and kicking ass. From my vantage point I now think that idea is total crazy talk. (Bull shit in the vernacular) What a massive waste of time.

What makes me more efficient and better able to “kick ass” than I’ve ever been in the past is because I’ve simplified my target field. Aim Small. Miss Small. I focus on a smaller list of things to do and I’m constantly vigilant to keep stuff from creeping up on me and adding to my daily work load. I’ve developed minimalist tendencies which have allowed me uncluttered living and working spaces. I don’t have to deal with a bunch of crap to do crap.

Here are 7 ways you can simplify your life starting right now to free your mind up for whats really important:

  1. Reduce all mail that you receive. Both email and snail mail. Signup for online billing so you don’t have to worry about processing mail, filling out checks, and putting them in the mail. If you get a bunch of junk email then consider some aggressive anti spam moves or get a new email address. Walk the junk mail immediately to the recycling bin upon walking into the house.
  2. Clear off all flat surfaces. Counters, desk tops, and tables, are not are not storage areas of crap. Get almost everything off your desk that you can. IF it has to stay on your desk then it should have a purpose. Do you really need 34 pens in your pen holder?
  3. Establish one small (and I mean small) stack of papers that are your “in work” files so you have quick access to things that you know you need to do right away. If it doesn’t belong on this pile or immediately filed away it goes in the recycling bin. Period.
  4. File away ONLY what is really needed. Face it, that recipe your friend gave you 14 years ago that you’re gonna get to one day isn’t going to happen.
  5. Scrutinize everything. NOTHING should stay or make its way into your car/office/house without you scrutinizing its importance. Just like a champion swimmer will not allow random junk food into her body there is no reason you should allow junk in your work or home. These are the places you need to rest your mind, be with friends and family, and get work done.
  6. Remove time suckers from your life by stopping useless activity that keeps you from doing meaningful activity. People can be time suckers too.
  7. Repeat 1-6. Don’t worry about being perfect. There is no destination you’re trying to get to. Keep working on making things Amantadine Small progress is better than no progress.

Once you’ve done all these things then dive a deeper and simplify a closet or cabinet by asking yourself, “Is this really needed”. Do one closet a weekend until your whole house is done. Once you’ve done all this then do it again and again getting down to what is really important. I assure you half the stuff in your house can be thrown away and you’ll never miss it. Cut the fluff out of everything! Trim the fat!

“Two small jumps are sometimes better than one big leap”

Start jumping!

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