Excuses Much?

I’m full of excuses. If there were an award for creating excuses I’m fairly certain I would win both the Olympic Gold Medal for my abilities, AND the Nobel Peace Prize for the advancement of the field all in the same year.

Some days are better than others, but being like the stock market and flip flopping between charging bull and hibernating bear is exhausting. The excitement of excelling, pushing myself, and doing what I want can turns to disappointment on the days I realize that I’m one day closer to my death and just wasted the day not truly doing what I want. Like I’ve said before, I’m not advocating becoming a workaholic for “the man”; I’m advocating getting what you want out of life.

Inspirational quotes that sooth the soul have their place. I have them on my home page, but sometimes I need a wake up call. Here is my most recent one:

This video speaks directly to me. Just so happens that I’m the “sales guy” at my family business so literally everything he said applies directly to me. This video drove the point home like nothing before. It opened my eyes and lit a fire under my ass! I’ve added “Stop making excuses” to my Life Rules to help me remember that my life needs to be free of excuses.

Get WHATEVER you want out of life!! Stop bitching, moaning, and crying! Stop making excuses! Stop making excuses! Stop making excuses! Stop making excuses! Say it to yourself over and over and over! Every time you start to say, “I really want to ________, BUT” automatically follow it with, “STOP MAKING EXCUSES!”. Turn those excuses into statements of action. “I really want to ________, and I’m going to make it happen by _______________”.

What do you want out of life? You’re one day closer to the grave. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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