F#ck it, Send!

Analysis paralysis occurs when you overthink and underwork. – Orrin Woodward

You pore over the latest business and industry books in search of the life-defining rules and 15-step programs that could change your entire course of action. The truth is, sometimes the most minute things can give you that edge and potential to transform the way you do things, and often these great little nuggets of wisdom are not found in important books.

My friend and I were catching up on all things business as he brought up an interesting story about agonizing over an email to a prospective client. He missed the common decency timely reply window, but kept reading and re-reading his email, overthinking the wording and worrying over the tiniest details, trying to polish the reply to perfection and make sure Mr. Client was sufficiently impressed. All day, he was distracted and absent-minded because the email’s passages kept dancing in his head. Until finally he got so frustrated with his inability to construct an impeccable response that he just said,  “F#ck it, send!” as he mashed the send button.

(Shockingly, Mr. Client did not berate him for the less-than perfect email structure. The story has a happy ending; the relationship is alive and well despite my friend’s email composing deficiencies – likely imaginary ones.)

He said. “You know what, I think I’m going to do that more often. F#ck it, send! F#ck it, send! F#ck it, send!”

This seems counterintuitive, but my friend is definitely onto something. Pouring all your energy into perfecting one task could leave you little energy for the rest of your day, maybe even week. Ego depletion is a real phenomenon (read more here), and it could have debilitating effects on your productivity and mood.  I am not encouraging you to spam your clients and friends with garbage emails in the name of time management. Merely hoping you realize analysis paralysis can be a huge drain on your time, energy, and brainpower resources, and sometimes “good enough” is just what you need in order to keep moving. In reality, is your relationship with this person on such shaky grounds that a misplaced word is going to ruin the deal? If so, you probably need to reevaluate how you got to this point and start over. Otherwise, if you feel like you are being sucked into an endless loop of revisions and reviews, take a step back and look at the project/email/product with a critical eye. Does it check most of the boxes? F#ck it, send!

Looking for a new job? Fix your resume and then F#ck it,send!

Want to blog more? Write it, read it twice then F#ck it, send!

Know a cute guy/girl you’ve been wanting to ask out? Fuck it, send!

Still overthinking? Set a solid deadline and blast off your work when the clock chimes.

Get going. Make mistakes. Learn. Repeat.

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