Fix It! Before Your Competition Does

From inception, design your product with the intention to upgrade. If you’re not improving, you’re not distinguishing yourself from the competition. Imagine if Microsoft stopped developing their software after Windows 3.1.
Allow me to illustrate my point with an example born in my feverish and brilliant mind.
Let’s say your lemonade stand is the best in town and word of this new coolest hangout has spread like wild fire. You find yourself staring at a line of people waiting for their share of fresh-squeezed love in a cup. Ka-Ching!
You now have a critical decision to make. You could just milk the crowd for all its worth. You could reinvest some revenue back into your business to create an even more delightful customer experience. How about a covered patio so the crowd doesn’t have to wait in the sun? Playing music could make them happy. Another option is to go back to the drawing board. How can you twist your delicious concoction into something even more remarkable?
The common problem is that once we concoct and bring an idea to life, we are hopelessly in love with it. No one can tell us our baby is ugly (even if it’s head is a little lopsided). We marvel at its perfection with the blindness of a loving parent. Suggestions for improvement insults our baby’s flawlessness and are worthy of a personal vendetta.
In, A Case For Imperfection, I recommended starting a project with potential for improvement in mind. Only take this advice if you are looking to advance!
It is healthy (for our egos and the business’ bottom line) to always be on the lookout for ways to make your creation more enticing. We wake up every morning better-looking and smarter than we were yesterday (at least I do). So there is bound to be a detail you can tweak, a message rephrased, or a recipe enhanced. Go on a purposeful expedition to find those opportunities to evolve. Play devil’s advocate and explore ways to improve your customer experience.
Once you nurse your bruised ego, fix these flaws even if there have been no previous complaints.
Before LemonadeCo from across the street even thinks of building a covered patio, have your tricked-out deck with live music, air conditioning, and tropical birds installed and ready to goStaying ahead of your competition is the only way to stay afloat.
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