He Said, She Said…

I know how ridiculous this is: for a guy who talks so much he had to start a blog, I really have no business bashing people who are verbose. However, it’s not the long-windedness I’m against, it’s the irrelevance of additional “word baggage.” I excuse certain embellishing and add-ons to make the story more interesting or for illustrating a point, but when I just need to know the relevant information, I could care less about the secondary plot lines.

Don't sound like this

For illustration purposes (see above), you need to get a new faucet. You can walk into your local hardware store and tell the associate that you need a new faucet because your spouse just updated the toilet paper and towel hardware and now the faucets don’t match anymore even though they work well because you bought at them a year ago when the hardware store across town had a Grand Opening sale and you just happened to notice it since you were visiting your best friend who had just got a boat after the old one was destroyed in the tornado last summer.

OR you can just ask the associate “Excuse me, where are the faucets”?

Before you open your mouth, think about what you would say if you only had a few minutes/seconds before the “wrap it up” music from the Oscar ceremony started playing. People will like you more, too. Promise.

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