How I Was Taught To Love Me by Elvis and a 15 yr Old

Life has a funny way of providing powerful lessons.

At dinner our 15 yr old foreign exchange student from South Korea told us that she doesn’t like to show her true personality. She said she likes herself but she doesn’t show her true self because she doesn’t like her English and of course she is different.

Naturally we told her that the only version of her that she should be is her authentic self. And that we’re yearning for authentic people.

I told her about Elvis Presley and what he did for music. I shared how unique his style was and how polarizing a figure he was and how his him meteoric rise to fame and massive changes to music were directly a result of him being him.

It was then that I heard my own words and it dawned on me. How often am I not myself? How often do I change who I am to please someone else? How often do I agree when I actually wholeheartedly disagree?

It was a powerful moment for me.

Since 2015 I’ve had to learn how to be me. How to share myself with the world while also learning how to be a better version of me. Maybe it’s not about being a better version as much as allowing my true self to come out from behind all the nonsense I’ve put in my own way.

A way I’ve been able to be more aware to this is centering myself before I walk into a room. Or during a meeting I find myself relaxing and remembering to be me. To true to who I am and what I believe and to speak from my heart and shelf the ego.

Thank you Sion and Elvis for a life changing lesson.

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