This says it all: “It’s been so nice not worrying about all that stuff…. Life is much simpler without all that maintenance.

I’m a HUGE fan of minimalism! To my wife and I it means living with what we need and nothing more. We ask ourselves, “Do we really need this?” when buying food and making decisions about events to attend, appointments to take, and what we put into our bodies.

Life is hectic. There’s no need to add to it by having a million souvenirs to tend to or a bunch of stuff in case I want to remember I was in Paris.

I love our clutter free home. I love knowing where everything is.

Here are 10 things I do to keep down the clutter and simplify my life:

1. Scan and only store all pictures and documents
2. Scan books I may want to read (haven’t looked at a book I scanned yet)
3. Use audible and kindle as much as possible
4. Refuse calls from unknown numbers
5. Limit the number of apps that can show me a notification
6. Use Google Music instead of CDs and don’t store music on computers
7. Buy quality, not quantity
8. Create filters in Gmail to sort email
9. Replace post it notes with calendar and alarm entries
10. Use auto bill pay to reduce manual bill processing


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