Oneness: The Solution to Tribalism

Tribalism shows up in so many ways.

My team is better than yours.

My city is better than yours.

We’re the greatest country on Earth.

We love seeing our national flag raised above others at the Olympics. It feels good doesn’t it?

It’s not that games are bad or the joy of our team winning is something to shun. It’s when we forget that it’s just a game. When we forget the opponent isn’t THE ENEMY but another human.

When we forget that we’re all one is when we descend into a form of tribalism that transcends fun and games and turns neighbor against neighbor and leads us toward bloodshed.

The complexities of politics can’t be boiled down into red vs blue. Nothing is ever that simple. It’s not politicians fault. They rightfully identify our desire to be tribal and deliver it to us in super size servings.

There are many that preach unity, but are you demanding their voices to be heard?

Any coincidence that divisive politics thrives in an era of reality TV shows that pit humans against each other over petty issues?

The solution? Take radical responsibility for this toxic environment. The problem is you. Not them. The problem is your desire to feel superior to others that are “wrong”. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King taught to love our enemy. To treat everyone with compassion. Do you do that? Do you stop people from pushing us apart and instead look for dialog and to show love? When your friend is ready to bad mouth the other tribe just hush them like Jim Carry in Dumb and Dumber.

“But it’s different! These people are ruining the country!” if you believe that you missed the point. Read the previous paragraph.

I love you.

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