The Anti-Routine Way To Success

Routine was never the leader of any important new movement – Paulo Coelho

“Abe, when do you ever let loose” said a dear friend. I dwelled on the question a bit and then said, “What the hell does “letting loose” even mean?”

Photo by my sister, Fatimeh Nadimi

Honestly, not since I was a kid do I have an idea of what it feels like to spend days, weeks, months, or even years living in the moment. I’ve spent the better part of my life on a path toward (what I consider) greatness. I want to be the best father to my daughter while working on businesses that provide the best customer experience possible, and helping people along the way. I want to make a difference. There is so much to do in order for me to fulfill my goal. I don’t see what I do as “work” as much as directed effort.

So many people “work” every day, but how many people get an actual sense of fulfillment from their work? I love what I do. I don’t dread Monday; why would I be upset at spending time advancing something I’ve spent so much of my life to help create? (I’m no Superman. I have my slow days and I have my depressed days too)

What about you? Happy with where you are in life? Unfortunately, you only have a certain amount of time left on earth so do what you can now to live the life you want. By the very fact that you’re reading a rambling post like this hoping to gain a tiny bit of insight in how someone else thinks already proves that you have the desire to be better than you are now.

Unless you’re an elite Navy Seal, if everyone around you is doing something then it’s probably routine. Don’t do the routine; don’t just do the bare minimum to get by. Set yourself apart from the masses and stand out. Contribute. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Push yourself. Be great.

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