Why I’m back on Social Media | 2 min read

I want nothing more than to ensure I’ve done everything possible to give my kids the tools, attitude, and skills to be successfulFamily 12/2016 in their lives. I don’t hesitate giving advice to my kids. I don’t hold back, and wouldn’t because the stakes are too high. I give my kids everything I can despite the fact that there are people that know more about a subject than I do. When I learn more I give them more.

I got away from Social Media to focus on myself and because frankly I know there are people with more success, fame, and knowledge than me. So why add to the noise? That thinking doesn’t help my kids, friends, and family. I decided the best way I can help those I love is by sharing my thoughts and lessons learned so they are easily accessible in the future. This is why I’m back on social media, and posting on this website that’s still in it’s ugly draft phase.

I will provide good content that will help my kids in case I’m not around to teach them myself.

Hopefully you can benefit too.

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