Leveling the playing field.

I assist 1st generation entrepreneurs to increase their sales and grow their businesses so they can impact their communities.

I believe we have the responsibility to provide opportunities, resources, and mentorship to our communities. When we level the playing field for those that are not as fortunate, we create freedom for them to pursue their dreams and positively impact their communities.

About Me

"Abe is a great person who really cares about his friends, family, and customers. He will take the time to actively listen and provides unbiased and well thought out opinions and options. Abe is all around a great person with a good head on his shoulders."

Tyler Levi
RTL, Chase Bank

"Abe is an answer to a prayer! Such an amazing guy with great wisdom and knowledge. Willing to help day or night he is there for you very dependable and reliable. He helps you be a better you in was you never knew."

Mo Raza
Specialist, US Army

"Abe is an amazing person and has always been the first one to extend a helping hand. He is there for you when you need him to provide his words of wisdom. I appreciate his guidance, clarity and his ability to ask the right questions to open your eyes to the situation."

Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez


A few of the projects I'm working on.

What I’ve found to be true is that entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. They feel overwhelmed by the difficulty. They feel like their business is a burden. They are frustrated with themselves and their results. Many don’t have a quality support system and believe they have limited options.

This is why I created The Kinetic Experience.

Why do some people succeed at incredible levels, while others struggle? What actions and habits support success and which hinder growth? The answers to those questions are shared in The Positively Offensive podcast, newsletters, and in my upcoming book.

Founded in 2003 by my brother, Ali, Social Smoke quickly grew into a family effort. We’ve been featured on the INC 500 list and CNN.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to run a BILLION dollar company? I teamed up with Carson Thompson to share the management strategies he used to grow and run a billion dollar powerhouse.

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