Who Am I

25 yr serial entrepreneur

Worked at NASA and Bell Helicopter

Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

Co-Founder of Social Smoke which was on the Inc 500 List and covered on CNN Money.

Personal mentor, investor, and consultant to visionary, community-minded entrepreneurs.

My Pillars of Strength

Persian Mexican American

Married to my best friend

Father of 3 wonderful children

Spent 4 years as single Father with 50% custody responsibilities

Sponsor of 4 children through ChildFoundation.org. My goal is 50K.

Hi, I’m Abe Nadimi. As a business consultant my purpose is simple: to assist 1st generation entrepreneurs in the high growth phase get to the next level so they can impact their communities.

I do this because I believe exponentially positive change is possible through empowered and prosperous business owners. As the sponsors of our future leaders we have the responsibility to provide opportunities, resources, and mentorship to our communities. When we level the playing field for those that are not as fortunate, we create freedom for them to pursue their dreams and positively impact their communities.

I believe there is no such thing as the “self made person”. The reality is that even those with seemingly insurmountable odds have opportunities that others do not. For example, even though I grew up with limited financial resources I had loving parents who strived to provide us with opportunities, worked hard, and were drug free.

Growing up the greatest challenges my parents faced were having the resources needed to go to school and raise a family concurrently. I learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of a support system.

I’m a UN kid. I was born in Iran in 1979 to an Iranian father and Mexican mother. We came to Texas in 1981. First we lived near Amarillo and then moved near Dallas so my parents, who were in their late 20s, could attend college. Each move was hard for them because they left behind their community and support system to work toward a better life.

Life wasn’t easy. My Father spent 12 years in college ultimately getting his PhD. My mother earned her master’s degree while being the primary caregiver in our home. They struggled to advance their education while raising a family without financial resources. Our struggles were simple but deep.

I carried fear and shame about needing financial help and support. I searched for ways to improve my life through a willingness to work hard, learn, and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Getting ahead is a monumental task that is almost insurmountable to many people and one aspect of being Persian to me is not being able to watch someone struggling without helping. I had a deep desire to achieve financial independence and put myself in a position to help others like my family striving to improve their lives.

As I reflect, I know that even though life was so difficult I had so many advantages. Even though I had a college education, good credit, and great looks that wasn’t enough. I learned the importance of tackling negative mental images, low self esteem, and the destructive actions that come with it. I learned the power of compassion and support. My family was there for me in innumerable ways. I attribute my current success in life to their support.

The thing about me is that I can’t sit still. I’ve seen what life would look like if I was a cog in the machine and it’s not something I want. I need to push my boundaries and be challenged. I love learning things that I can apply to help myself and others realize opportunities.

What we found to be true is that entrepreneurs can't do it alone. They feel overwhelmed by the difficulty. They feel like their business is a burden. They are frustrated with themselves and their results. Many don't have a quality support system and believe they have limited options. This is why we created The Kinetic Experience.

It is a widely known fact that most businesses will fail. I know a little about the fear of failure. I left the day to day of Social Smoke in 2015 to focus on a mobile app company that I plowed into the ground. The shame and anguish of failing and losing over 6 figures was paralyzing. As I was thinking about what to do next I realized that I felt most alive and excited when I was working with others to help them realize their dreams. In forming this company I’ve sought to create an experience that unleashes an entrepreneur's potential through the support and resources I wish I had during the 25 years of being an entrepreneur.

Imagine the impact we are going to have together. Imagine the economic development our thriving businesses will have on the economy. Imagine a world where we’re supported by like-minded peers and where we work on projects that can have profound impacts on the community. Imagine what it will be like when your business and team are thriving and you’re spending more quality time with your family. We’re building that future right now. Wouldn't you love to join our journey?

If you would like to say hi shoot me a snapchat @nadimi or comment on instagram @AbeNadimi.

Abe Nadimi
INC 500 Entrepreneur
Founder, The Kinetic Experience

"Talk to Abe! He's an amazing guy who's non-judgmental but also no-nonsense. If you want to make a change in your life--big or small--he'll help you get there. He's an excellent motivator! Looooove him! "

Heather Charlton
Senior Associate at JTaylor

"After 20 years in aviation, I decided to become a Realtor. Abe took me under his wing, and under 3 months of working my tail off, and taking his advice, I have 4 homes under contract! This is not including countless clients actively looking, and a few listings for an investor. I credit my newfound success to his processes. He listens to what you want, and then he helps mold you to what you need to be in order to get those results."

Corina Rudat
Buyer's Agent at NextHome Coldiron Group

"Abe is a catalyst. For me, he has been instrumental in transforming ideas into actions."

Mehdi Arany
Director of Marketing at ACP

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